During my EFT journey I have noticed more and more the importance of using positive statements with “what if…” especially when someone can’t really see or think beyond the fear, worry, or negativity. Sometimes using positive affirmations isn’t enough when they don’t believe in it, so using “what if…” helps to open the person to the suggestion. It plants the seed on their subconscious mind that maybe there is another answer, another way or another outcome then the one they believe in. It’s effective because it isn’t forcing someone to change their beliefs at that moment, but it allows them to slowly view things from a different perspective and slowly accept and nurture this new belief.

Examples of Positive “what if…” statements:

– What if things turn out better than I imagine?

– What if I am worrying for nothing?

– What if I didn’t get this job because something better is meant for me?

– What if who I am is enough?

– What if I stopped caring for what other people thought of me?

– What if I could be the most confident person in the room?

– What if this change is exactly what I needed and will bring me unimaginable blessings?

– What if I could make my dreams come true?

Using these positive statements/questions, which are the opposite of the negative thoughts that we are having, can give us enough room for doubt by questioning what we believe in and provides us with more positive possibilities. Not only does this help improve our well-being, but it also helps raise our vibration in order to attract more positive experiences and even find better solutions or answers to our problems.


– Offers a different perspective to our problem or worry;

– It opens us up to new and better possibilities and beliefs;

– Shifts our focus to a better and more favourable vision of the outcome;

– Helps release negative thoughts and create more positive ones.

– It targets our sense of curiosity and imagination, which helps release any resistance.

Note: Tapping (EFT) while you use “what if…” has the potential to increase its effectiveness!

Love and light! xx

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