Two of the key practices to manifest our dreams, that most, if not all teachers and books recommend, are to IMAGINE living our desires and to FEEL IT as if it were already real. To help you in this process, answer this question:

Question 1: How would you feel if your desires became your reality?

This is the quickest way to help you feel the emotions of joy, happiness, freedom, love, relief, gratitude, etc. Feeling as if you are already living your dreams is the most powerful practice because it aligns your frequency and energy with that of your dreams. What you dream of already exists in the energetic field. To attract and manifest it in the realm of form, all you need to do is match your frequency with it. This can be achieved by matching your feelings with your dreams already manifested.

And then answer the following question:

Question 2: Does your dream feel natural?

Both Dr. Wayne Dyer and Neville Goddard emphasize that the more natural your dreams feel, the quicker you can manifest them. However, the more unnatural it feels, the longer you will be able to manifest them. The solution to this is to imagine whatever feels more unnatural more frequently until it becomes natural and familiar to you.

For example, my desired dream life feels natural. It feels like it is really meant to be, except for one part of it. Specifically, it didn’t feel natural to me to be really rich and spend a lot of money, as I was used to being more cautious with my spending throughout most of my life.

Upon realizing this through asking myself the second question, I decided to focus my imagination on the aspect that felt unnatural. During those sacred moments before going to sleep or right after waking up, I began visualizing myself spending a lot of money. I would imagine myself shopping, giving out money, buying whatever I wanted, and so on.

At first, this exercise felt unnatural, just as predicted. However, I deliberately focused on the positive feelings it brought me. I felt deep gratitude for being able to give money to others, helping their businesses by purchasing their products or paying for their services. It made me happy to see their joy, and I reminded myself frequently that this act wasn’t driven by egoism or a sense of superiority. It was a heartfelt desire to contribute to other people’s dreams and needs, while also allowing myself to enjoy the pleasures of this physical world—a privilege I truly deserved.

Gradually, the feeling of being rich, wealthy, and prosperous started to feel more and more natural. I no longer had to put in as much effort to imagine it; I simply enjoyed my imagined scenarios.

Did this shift in mindset and visualization translate into the physical world? Yes, it did! I began to notice more financial opportunities and experienced a greater flow of money into my life. Projects that I had been working on, and new ones, started yielding tangible results.

As I continue my manifesting journey, I will remain mindful of any aspects of my dreams that might feel less natural. I will focus more on them during my visualizations, confident that with time and consistency, they too will become familiar and aligned with my desired reality.

I also created a meditation to manifest your dreams, where I include these questions and these practices to facilitate your manifestation process. Click on the video below to listen.

Love & Light! xx

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