We have all heard of the term “being in the flow” or “going with the flow”. But what exactly is the “flow”? How do we know that we are in it, and what stops us from being in the flow?

There is a natural cycle in all things and just like the ocean, we experience ebb and flow. Nothing stays the same. Evolution and change are recurrent. Going against this fluid energy, is going against nature.

When we align with the flow, things seem to come to us effortlessly. Events, conditions, people and opportunities happen to arrive in our life without force or struggle. We start feeling more connected with life, nature, the Universe, and the Higher consciousness, all because we are not resisting; we’re not fighting the natural course of life.

So what are the main obstacles that stop our flow?

  • Attachment: to certain people, things, situations, and beliefs. When we surrender and let go of what does not serve us, we set ourselves free.
  • Control: the need to control every detail of our life, other people, relationships and outcomes are all caused by an underlying fear that only provides suffering. Control also stems from the feeling of being threatened by everyone and everything. When we become aware of these feelings and thoughts, we are able to stop them from taking over.
  • Negative emotions: this one is quite obvious, but one of the hardest to work on. Negative emotions that come from negative thinking, such as guilt, shame, obsession, envy, jealousy, doubt or fear are all lower frequency energies that not only lower our vibration but also prevents us from being our true self. They block our freedom and right to be truly happy and at peace.
  • Lack of acceptance: denial or blame puts us in a place of victimhood, frustration, stagnation, and suffering. However, when we accept things just like they are and practice forgiveness, we learn to be at peace.
  • Lack of trust: either in ourselves or in others, stops our evolution and our growth. It blocks the love from flowing within us and in our relationships.
  • Lack of authenticity: being honest with ourselves and with others is key to flow with life. Being true and not pretending to be someone else, only to please others, will enable us to reach our full potential.
  • Judgment: is a reflection of one’s insecurities, therefore before we judge others we need to look within and figure out what is being triggered and why. For the same reason we should not accept other people’s judgment. When we know who we are and embrace ourselves completely, we stop believing in the opinion of others and taking things too personally. We no longer feel the need to defend ourselves.
  • Resisting change: dancing with life is so much more fun than going against its natural movement.

Remaining aware and conscious of these obstacles are key to be able to stop them from taking form and make better choices. This way, we call back our power and allow the light to shine on our shadows.

Flowing with life will enable us to become more authentic, free, inspired, creative, happy, loving and compassionate. Don’t swim against the current, choose to swim with it. Be in the flow and enjoy this journey more effortlessly!

Love and light! Xx

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