Science has now come a long way into understanding some of the views and perspectives of ourselves and the Universe that have existed for centuries in many ancient religious texts and in many Spiritual teachings. And although these new scientific studies and perspectives aren’t yet widely known, they are available to us through books like the ones I recommend in this post.

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon – by Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza demonstrates in this book, how we can break free from our self-imposed limitations, set ourselves free from the past, and create our desired future. He explains in detail how to do this and the science behind it. Anyone can benefit from these practices, from those who want to feel more confident, happy, successful, or for those who want to manifest love, money, a new job, or better health.

This is not an overnight solution. It takes time, effort, patience, will and determination. But it is more than possible, and he shows examples and case studies of normal people doing the extraordinary.

Some topics discussed in this book:

– Being in the Present Moment;

– Tuning into New potentials in the Quantum;

– Blessings of the Energy Centers;

– Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind;

– Heart Intelligence;

– Mind Movie/Kaleidoscope;

– Walking meditation;

– Space-Time and Time-Space Realities;

– The Pineal Gland;

– Project Coherence.

Science and Spiritual Practices: Reconnecting through direct experience – By Rupert Sheldrake

In this book Rupert Sheldrake discusses various spiritual practices, and he shares the benefits of each one, advice on how to practice them, their history, and he shares the scientific studies that already exist and prove their efficiency.

As a scientist, Rupert has a very interesting viewpoint about science and how it has become a belief system in itself, that should be more open to new discoveries and to new perspectives.

Some topics discussed in this book:

– Meditation & the Nature of Minds/Consciousness;

– Gratitude;

– Reconnecting with Nature;

– Relating to Plants;

– Rituals & the Presence of the Past;

– Singing, Chanting & Music;

– Pilgrimages & Holy Places;

The Awakened Brain: The Psychology of Spirituality – by Lisa Miller

Lisa is a Psychologist and in her book we are taken on her journey that led her to study the benefits of spirituality on someone, especially someone with depression, and how spirituality serves as a protective shield against depression and addictive behaviours. She explains it in such a captivating way that it’s really easy and quick to read, and you are transported into her life experiences and also many other stories that she shares from her patients and from people that she encountered throughout her personal and professional life.

Some topics discussed in this book:

– The effects of Spirituality on Psychological health;

– The Protective Benefits of Spirituality;

– Our Innate Capacity for Spirituality;

– Brains are Structurally More Resilient and Robust as a Result of Spirituality;

– From Neuroscience to Genetic and Epidemiology Research;

– How Spiritual Experiences are Visible In the Brain;

– Two Modes Of Awareness;

– Power of Visualization, Synchronicity, Empathy, & Connection.

Why Woo-Woo Works : The Surprising Science Behind Meditation, Reiki, Crystals, and Other Alternative Practices – By Dr David R. Hamilton, PhD

I enjoyed this book so much. This book talks about the science behind some spiritual practices, complementary therapies and even some esoteric subjects. This book feels a bit broader in the sense that it explores many subjects that are very much linked to pseudoscience or the woo-woo, and he really shows that sometimes we think that way because we don’t have all the updated information about them and the truth is, most of these are already scientifically studied, and their benefits have been proven. It’s a fascinating and engaging book and because it doesn’t really stay too long in a subject, it goes right to the core of what you need to know and shares all the important information about it, even on how to practice most of them.

Some topics discussed in this book:

– The Placebo Effect, Visualization & Affirmations;

– Meditation;

– Trapped and Released Emotion, Energy Work & EFT

– Nature;

– Reiki, Crystals, Telepathy, Distant Healing & Prayer;

– Perception of Reality

– Consciousness;

– Law of Attraction & Synchronicity.

The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe – by Lynne McTaggart

This is an extraordinary book. This is probably the most scientific book of this list, however she is the only author that is not a scientist, she’s an investigative journalist, and she set herself the goal to look for the studies that were out there about subjects like consciousness and spirituality. Throughout the book we are following the stories of each of the scientists that had these amazing discoveries, not only the result but also all the twists and turns of their journeys, specially within the scientific community. The scientific terms and studies that are shared in detail, and sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to follow especially for someone that doesn’t have the scientific basis, but it tends to become easier especially the conclusion of the studies is really easy to follow.

Some topics discussed in this book:

– The Zero Point Field;

– Consciousness;

– Intention, Healing & Coherence.

– Electromagnetic waves;

– Telepathy, Remote viewing;

– Time and Space;

– Interconnection.

– Frequency, vibration & Light.

– Energy & Information Exchange;

– Alternative Medicine


For me all of these books are doors that really open our minds especially for those who are more logical, rational or even sceptical about spirituality or complementary therapies and see that finally science has really stepped up and actually proved that many religious and ancient texts and spiritual masters have shared with us for centuries and science is now proving them right. Most of these studies aren’t commonly known and aren’t really widespread, but I believe that in time more and more people will start having access to these studies and these books are a gateway for that.

We now know scientifically that we have abilities and influence beyond our belief, and we are not a product of random survivalist evolution, but we are a result of an intelligent, purposeful, coherent, infinite, and higher collective consciousness so whether we want to call it God/Goddess/Divine Spirit/unified field or simply the field is up to us, but it is now undeniable that we are truly part of something greater and more profound than we thought and maybe believed in!

Love and light! Xx

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